Nature Inspired Jewellery

Handmade Creations Inspired by Nature, Whimsical Jewellery and Small Keepsakes

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Jewellery and gifts inspired by natures curiosities, magical woodlands and botanical illustrations.
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Master of Photography

I completed my Masters degree in photography in 2016 and have pursued a creative career ever since. Owl and Wallflowers was created as a break from studying and a way to share my creations.

Natural Materials

Foraged field ferns, wildflowers, roses, larkspur and viola pressed from country cottage gardens, preserved moss, real seashells, semi precious gemstones and naturally sourced feathers

Sustainable Wood Source

Some items are created using sustainably sourced wood to create little laser cut pieces of Jewellery. Antique and vintage illustrated nature guides are also sold through my Etsy store.

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I accept Custom Orders as requested

Feel free to contact me with requests for custom jewellery or lockets from wedding flowers. Worldwide shipping available.

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